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Netflix is one of the best applications that allow users all around the globe to watch TV series and movies online at a monthly subscription fee. The fee is almost negligible as compared to the perks that you get to enjoy on the Netflix application. You can watch movies, recently aired shows and save them for offline mode as well to watch them when you are bored at some place and don’t have access to the internet.

What is Netflix Gift Card?

You might have heard about the Netflix gift card especially if you take part in a lot of giveaways. A gift card is a virtual card that has a certain amount mostly equal to 1-2 months of Netflix subscription fee. You can purchase these cards from online retail stores such as Amazon, Target and etc.

These gift cards can then be redeemed in your Netflix account and then you won’t have to pay the subscription fee for the month. You can use these gift cards for either yourself or you can gift them to your friends, colleagues, and family.

How does a Gift Card work?

There is nothing tricky about a Netflix gift card. You go to a retail store either physically or online and you purchase a Netflix gift card for a certain amount of money let us say $20. You will get a virtual card with a specific code on it. Whenever you wish to redeem the card simply enter the code into the space provided on the website or application and your card would be redeemed. Now instead of paying the subscription using your credit cards, you can pay using the gift card money that you just added to your account.

What is a Netflix Gift Card Generator?

A Netflix gift card generator is an online tool that allows you to create codes similar to the original Netflix gift card codes. Instead of hacking into the Netflix server the generator uses algorithms to come up with a variety of similar codes. You can try and put the generated codes into the account to see which one of them is legit.

How to generate codes using Netflix Gift Card Generator?

Creating codes using the Netflix gift card generator is quite simple and straight forward. You don’t have to go through a lengthy process instead just simply follow the below steps and you will have codes for free Netflix Subscription.

  1. Go to Netflix Gift Card Generator
  2. Select your country and device
  3. Click on the generate button
  4. A list of codes will appear for you to try
  5. Try and see which one works for you.

Remember that all codes will not work for you so you will have to try a few of them until you find the code that works for your account and country.

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