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Halo Combat Evolved Game Short Overview

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Game is the continuation of the famous first person shooting game. It is created by Halo Universe. It Microsoft version was declared in 2011, by the electronic entertainment expo. Later on, this version was released in November 2011. For Xbox 360 it was released as vital aspect in late 2011.

Humans run away from the demolition caused by the Covenant, their ship arrived at the random slip space to keep themselves away from Covenant and shatter everything. When their ship reaches at this new world, they found a big ring world which is circling a giant of gas. When the Covenant will find and try to attack them the captain of the ship called as Jacob Keyes, will move forward his super strong soldier called as Mater Chief and the Captain tell their soldiers about the defense knowledge of the ship, ship AL Cortana and the exact location of the earth. Master Chief will fight against the Covenant and leaves the human ship at the ring world.

When the human ship arrives at the ring world, the super soldier call all human and starts a operation to take keyes back from the Covenant.

Halo Combat Evolved PC Requirements

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2nd Edition, Microsoft Windows Me (Millennium) and the Microsoft Windows 98.
  • Processor of computer must be clocked at 733 MHz (megahertz).
  • 0 Direct X or even better (Halo itself installs 9.0 Direct X).
  • At least 128 MB (megabytes) of RAM or more for better experience.
  • 2 GB (gigabytes) of free space on hard disk drive for complete installation.
  • 32MB video graphic memory with 3D transform.
  • Headphones, sound card or speakers must be there with multiplayer play.
  • If you want to enjoy the multiplayer experience, then you must have an ISP (Internet service provider) or simply a local area network.

How to Install Halo Combat Evolved?

  1. Click on “Download” Button Given Bellow and Next Download page will appear in front of you. You can install the latest Winrar to extract the game file for later use.
  2. As the game download page appears you have to Accept “User License Agreement” By Clicking “I Understand” Button.
  3. Next Choose the Path, Where you want to download the game.
  4. The game will start to download in your specified directory.
  5. Once the download & installation is complete, launch the game and have fun playing your favorite game.
  6. Make sure you update your DirectX to avoid any problems during gameplay.
  7. You must install or update DirectX to the latest version to avoid any kind of error.
  8. All Files are 100% Clean and Virus free. Make sure you follow all the instructions.

Download Halo Combat Evolved PC Game

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