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Rev up your engines and feel the adrenaline rush at the ultimate Indonesian Drag Bike Race!

Version 1.1
License Free
Operating System
Developer localtechno
- Android operating system version 4.1 or higher
- Minimum 1 GB RAM
- Minimum 100 MB free storage space
- Internet connection for online features

Indonesian Drag Bike Race: A Thrilling Game for Android

Are you a fan of high-speed racing games? Do you love the adrenaline rush of drag bike racing? If yes, then Indonesian Drag Bike Race is the perfect game for you! Developed by a team of expert game developers, this game is designed to provide you with an immersive and thrilling racing experience.

Game Features

Indonesian Drag Bike Race is packed with exciting features that will keep you hooked for hours. Here are some of the key features of the game:

  • Realistic Graphics: The game features stunning 3D graphics that provide a realistic racing experience. The bikes, tracks, and environments are designed to look and feel like the real thing.

  • Multiple Game Modes: The game offers multiple game modes, including Career Mode, Quick Race, and Multiplayer Mode. Each mode offers a unique racing experience, and you can choose the one that suits your style.

  • Customizable Bikes: You can customize your bike to make it look and perform the way you want. You can upgrade the engine, exhaust, wheels, and other parts to improve your bike's performance.

  • Easy Controls: The game features intuitive and easy-to-use controls that make it easy to steer your bike and accelerate to top speed.


In Indonesian Drag Bike Race, you will compete against other racers in a series of drag races. The objective is to reach the finish line before your opponents and win the race. You can earn money and reputation points by winning races, which you can use to upgrade your bike and unlock new tracks.

The game offers a variety of tracks, each with its own unique challenges. You will race through city streets, highways, and other environments, each with its own obstacles and hazards. You will need to use your racing skills and strategy to navigate these tracks and win the race.


Indonesian Drag Bike Race is a must-play game for anyone who loves high-speed racing games. With its realistic graphics, multiple game modes, customizable bikes, and easy controls, this game offers an immersive and thrilling racing experience. Download the game today and get ready to race your way to the top!

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